Yes we do - Please let us know if you are active or retired military for a discount.
Yes we do - Please let us know if you are age 65 or older for a senior discount.
No, a higher value vehicle does not necessarily cost more to transport. The value of the vehicle doesn’t influence the cost of transport service for standard open transport. The size of the vehicle and whether or not it runs will be the main determining factors in the price. If you choose to transport a high value vehicle in an enclosed transport for added protection, that service would have an additional cost. We always offer the most competitive pricing for all vehicles and services.
Transporting a vehicle, like most services, is a tax-exempt service. We will never charge taxes or any hidden fees.
Contact your dedicated transportation professional by email or phone. Unlike all other vehicle transportation companies, KVB Auto Transport has no cancellation fees.
Unlike most other vehicle transportation companies, KVB Auto Transport will never require a credit card “on file” or any upfront deposit or partial payment to book your order. Once a transport has been assigned to take your car from your pickup location to your destination location and has been dispatched, we will call you to obtain partial payment for our service. This partial payment can be made with a credit card, or using Venmo or CashApp. Please note that credit card payments will have a 3% service charge applied. Payments with Venmo or CashApp will not incur a 3% service charge. When the transport arrives at your destination, you will pay the trucker in hand with cash or certified funds (cashiers check or money order) the remaining balance. Credit cards and personal checks are not accepted by truck drivers. If you are unable to provide cash or certified funds (cashiers check or money order) you may not get your vehicle taken off the truck so please be prepared.
We only accept full payment for the transport through Venmo or CashApp. We do not accept full payment through credit card. We only accept credit cards for the partial payment that goes to KVB Auto Transport after a carrier has been dispatched to pick up your vehicle.
The total cost to transport your car depends on many factors. For example: The type of service you are using (open, enclosed, or express). The vehicle size and weight.. The vehicle's condition (running or not running). The pickup and dropoff location being metro or rural. Seasonal fluctuations as demand and price changes for certain routes. Modifications to the vehicle (lifted, lowered, oversized tires, racks on top, etc) Whether or not you qualify for a military or senior citizen discount.
Unlike most other vehicle transportation companies, KVB Auto Transport will never ask for credit card information to be “on file” or any payment whatsoever until after a transport has been assigned and dispatched to pick up your vehicle and take it safely to its destination. At that point you will pay only a small partial amount for the transport to KVB Auto Transport, and the remaining larger portion will be paid upon delivery of your vehicle.


90% of all transports go open transport. These are the large trailers you see on the road that often have 2 decks of cars. The advantage of open transport is that it’s the lowest priced of the three services we offer. The disadvantage of open transport is that it does not provide the type of extra protection for your vehicle that enclosed transport does. It is still a safe and reliable means of transport. For faster pickup, ask about Express Transport.
An enclosed transport means your entire vehicle will be stored inside a semi trailer that is enclosed on all 4 sides. The advantages of enclosed transport is that it offers the industry’s most advanced auto transport protection. The disadvantages are that these transports are in much smaller supply (they make up 3% of the total national transports). So not only does this option take longer to pick up the vehicle, but it also costs about 40% to 60% more than open transport.
KVB Auto Transport’s Express Transport Service is simply an open transport that prioritizes the pickup of your vehicle over other vehicles leaving from the same pickup area. The advantage is that while the actual transport of the vehicle will not be faster, the pickup may be much sooner, possibly same day or next day if you need it. This is a great option for people who need to transport on short notice due to catching a flight or some other reason. We often end up seeing customers choose this option when they’ve booked with a company other than KVB Auto Transport and that company was unable to move their car quickly, losing them valuable time. The disadvantage to express transport is it is also more expensive than a standard open transport. An express transport typically costs about 20% more than standard open transport. Express Transport may not be available in certain pickup locations. Even with Express Transport, like any other service, there are no guaranteed pickup dates and times.
Yes, KVB Auto Transport is a Door-To-Door Auto Transportation Service. Door-To-Door transport is when the truck driver will pick the vehicle up and drop it off right near your home, or as close as they can safely and legally get. Some cities and neighbourhoods have restrictions on large trucks that prohibit them entering certain areas. Some trucks are large and need significant room to turn around. If access to your home has narrow streets, low hanging trees, speed bumps or tight turns we may not be able to provide Door-To-Door service. In this case we will work with you on finding the nearest large lot location that our transport will meet you. You will receive a call from the trucker if for whatever reason different arrangements are necessary.
Yes we transport motorcycles. It may take longer to transport a motorcycle because not all trucks have the ability to take motorcycles. You need a wedge hauler than can properly strap down the bike and ensure it is transported safely. Get a quote today.
Yes we transport vehicles with low ground clearance, however any vehicle with lower than 4 inches will likely need to be shipped using our enclosed transport service with a hydraulic lift. Super low clearance vehicles simply cannot be safely driven onto an open trailer because the car may bottom-out on the uneven ramps. Get a quote today.
Yes, but you must inform us of the modifications at the time of booking as our pricing is based upon factory conditions, and certain carriers may not be able to accommodate certain types of modified vehicles. Get a quote today.
Yes we transport vehicles with roof racks. However, you must inform your professional transportation agent as certain carriers can only take vehicles of a certain height. Get a quote today.
Yes we transport inoperable vehicles all the time, as long as the vehicle rolls, brakes and steers. These vehicles will sometimes take longer to be picked up and will typically cost a little more. This is because not all carriers are equipped with a winch to load the vehicle. Get a quote today.
Yes, yes and yes. KVB Auto Transport has shipped thousands of cars from all types of auto auctions, including salvage auctions as well as both new and used car dealerships. Each type of auction or dealership will have different requirements to release a vehicle so you’ll need to have those and provide them to us at the time of booking. The vehicle will need to be paid for with no late fees and ready to leave the lot. For pick up at storage facilities your bill with the storage facility will need to be settled prior to pickup. The storage facility will also need prior notice that we are sending a carrier there to pick up the vehicle, due to the storage facility’s days and hours of operation. Get a quote today.
Yes we can even ship ATVs, golf carts and other small off-road vehicles. It may take longer to transport these types of vehicles because not all trucks have the ability to take them. You need a wedge hauler than can properly strap down the vehicle and ensure it is transported safely. Get a quote today.
Yes, unlike most other vehicle transportation companies, KVB Auto Transport does transport large vehicles including RVs, Trailers, Campers and Buses. These vehicles require a flat carrier, and may take longer for pickup. Get a quote today.
No, we do not transport boats or any personal watercraft, even if they are on trailers.
While KVB Auto Transport cannot fulfill the entire transport to or from international locations, Alaska, or Hawaii, we can take your vehicle to or from a U.S. Port. Get a quote today.


No personal belongings inside the vehicle are not covered by insurance. If you leave personal belongings in your vehicle it is at your own risk. Typically drivers allow up 100 lbs in the backseat or trunk, nothing above window level.
Your vehicle is covered from the moment it begins being loaded onto the transport until the time it is completely unloaded. The carrier’s insurance policy covers $1,000,000 (1 million dollars). This coverage is only for any damage to the vehicle itself, and does not cover anything inside the vehicle.
Unlike some other vehicle transportation companies, when you transport with KVB Auto Transport, the insurance of your vehicle is included. We do not have any insurance charges or “optional insurance” or “protection packages” as you may hear from other transportation companies. The safety and condition of your vehicle is of the utmost importance to us. That is why we have vetted all of our transport providers to ensure they are also licensed, insured and bonded like us.
A bill of lading is a detailed list of a transportment of goods in the form of a receipt given by the carrier to the person consigning the goods at pickup and at delivery. It is often abbreviated as just “BOL”. When it comes to auto transport, it is used to record any existing external damage before transport as well as any new damage which may happen during transit that is marked at delivery. There may be pictures and notes taken of your vehicle for the BOL. It is not a bad idea for you to take your own pictures of the vehicle at pick up, and also at delivery (if there happens to be any difference in condition of the vehicle).
This is the most critical piece of evidence for insurance claims, so it is a very important document. Please make sure that you or your designated pick up and delivery contact carefully inspect the vehicle with the truck driver and make sure they agree to the BOL report before signing off on the release of your vehicle. If there is damage to your vehicle after you’ve signed off on the BOL, it will be significantly more difficult to win an insurance claim as there is no way to prove the damage did not occur sometime after you took possession of the vehicle. Therefore always remember that: It is your right to inspect your vehicle thoroughly at the time of delivery. It is your right to mark on the bill of lading any issues you find with your vehicle. After your inspection is complete, legally you still must pay the truck driver the transport fare, even if there are any issues with your vehicle. An insurance claim and the freight charge are separate transactions.


Make sure any existing damage is fully visible and noted to the truck driver, and if you have a camera take pictures of the damage. Remove any personal items, especially anything of value, as it will not be covered under the vehicle insurance. If there are any external modifications such as a roof rack which can be removed, it should be removed and stored in the trunk or vehicle. Remove your automatic toll device if you have one in the car, so that you do not get charged for all the tolls the transport drives through. Unarm any security devices on the car. Try to leave at least ¼ a tank of gas so there is enough for loading and unloading but not so much that it’s adding extra weight.
It is highly recommended to book your vehicle transport service 2 weeks before your first available pickup date. If you have much less time than that, ask for KVB Auto Transport’s Express Transport Service to get your pickup window narrowed down. The first available pick up date will depend on the transport service, but for standard open transport we require a window of 1 - 5 business days for pick up. If you need to ensure a faster pick up date, you may want to opt for Express Transport Service. If you live in a rural area far from any larger city you may have to be more flexible as there will not be as many transports in your area so availability for pickup will be more limited.
Generally our price quotes are good for 1 week. Demand for pickups and supply of transports in any one particular area of the country fluctuates on a daily basis. For that reason, we cannot guarantee pricing for longer than 1 week from the time you received our initial price quote.
Unlike many other vehicle transportation companies who will say they can guarantee you a specific pickup date and time if you just pay a whole lot more money than you have to, KVB Auto Transport doesn’t make false promises to our customers just to try and get their order - we want to earn your business. Due to the nature of the vehicle transportation industry it is simply not possible to “guarantee” specific pickup dates upon booking your reservation, and if they do, they are not being honest with you. We provide a 1-5 day window for pickup with our standard open transport service. It may be longer if you are using enclosed transport. If you need faster pickup, our express transport service can help to narrow that window, often down to 1 day with our express transport service! Delivery date and time is based upon how far the destination is, and we can typically offer you a realistic delivery date once your car has been picked up. Just remember that anything can happen out on the open road, so the auto transport industry cannot guarantee specific delivery dates.
No you do not need your vehicle title, plates or registration to transport. All you need are the keys and the vehicle.
Per the Department of Transportation you are permitted to have up to 100 lbs of cargo inside the vehicle. All cargo must be completely secured as we are not responsible for damage to the inside of the vehicle due to loose cargo. All cargo must be below the window level, and in the rear or trunk of the car. There can be nothing behind the driver’s seat. Failure to abide by these rules will result in a significantly great cost to transport, or perhaps a refusal to take your vehicle completely. Also while your car is insured, none of the cargo inside your car will be insured.
After we dispatch a carrier for your route, you will receive a phone call or text that will include all details including your driver’s name, phone number and any additional information. Calling us repeatedly and asking us when your car will be picked up while you are still well inside the 1 - 5 day window for open transport will not do anything to help speed your pickup, and will prevent us from providing good service to other customers.
Yes we can get you a rough estimate without a specific address. If you have the city for pickup and the city for destination, we can calculate a quote based on that. If you only have a vague idea of the actual city, use the closest major city and we can still get a fairly close estimate for you.
On average it will range about 1 day for every 500 miles. So if you are transporting your car 1,000 miles, then on average that would take 2 days. You have to remember that some transports can take 8+ cars and they may have other vehicles to drop off or pick up before yours is delivered.
You do not personally have to be present at the pickup or delivery locations, however you will need a trusted representative if you cannot be there personally. Your representative must be at least 18 years of age or older. They will need to inspect the vehicle on your behalf both at pickup and delivery and mark any damage on the Bill of Lading (BOL) before signing it.
It is recommended to have no less than ¼ of a tank of gas.
While not possible to track your vehicle as you would a package with UPS or FedEx, the driver can provide updates via phone and text messages direct to the driver. It is recommended that you don’t call or email us unless your car was not delivered within the time frame we provided. Calling us earlier than the estimated delivery date will not help speed up the transport of your vehicle, and will prevent us from providing good service to other customers. If your vehicle is running late and the driver has not contacted you, please reach out to us.


Yes KVB Auto Transport is a licensed and bonded Auto Transportation Management Company, under USDOT Number 3145599, Docket Number: MC101977.
When you agree to transport your vehicle with KVB Auto Transport, you agree to our Terms and Conditions, which is our contract for the transaction. Unlike most other vehicle transportation companies, when you transport with KVB Auto Transport we do not require you to sign any type of contract (electronic or otherwise). We can provide you with an order receipt (invoice) upon request.
Yes, aside from the KVB Auto Transport website, many of our reviews can be found on Google Reviews and, the #1 site for vehicle transportation reviews. Both sites do not allow the removal of negative reviews, so they can be a great place to compare and truly see the experience that other customers have had.
Many vehicles have been around for several decades and since older cars typically weigh considerably more than their newer counterparts, and since weight is a big factor in the cost of shipping, the year helps to provide you a more accurate quote.
The system that we use sends quotes through email, and it’s also the best way for us to communicate with you about your vehicle transport in the event we can’t reach you by phone. For this reason we will require your email for a quote.
We do not transport aircraft or watercraft.
We can transport your vehicle to any location in the continental United States that has roadway access. For international transport, Alaska and Hawaii, we can ship your vehicle to and from any U.S. Port.